Why we call him Bo.

Why we call him Bo.
by cabooseMikey

  The railroaders he worked with, his neighbors, the school folks, the rifle range buddies, the poker gang and his own family have known him as Rob, but I have always had a hard time calling him Rob and I'll tell you why.
  One day about ten years ago, there was a message that our mutual friend David would be the engineer on the afternoon train and yes, we would go trackside to see him pass.
  After smiles and waves there was a strong-signalled radio message on my scanner - a supervisor was also watching this train pass by.
Our friend David said: "You need to go see Mr. and Mrs. Caboose!"
"Where?" was the response.
"Just drive, you'll find them", David said.
  He had been parked behind the same large pepper tree that was next to us and in a moment he drove up. There were introductions all around and he inquired if we were being safe, too.
  As quiet returned to the junction, I asked how he spelled his name because I wanted to post a message to our internet group.
"Internet?" he gasped.
"Oh yes", I replied, "These messages go all the way to headquarters."
"HEADQUARTERS?" he gasped again.  "B - O, oh, just sign it Bo - that's enough!"
  And at that moment he became known as SignalMan Bo to our now more than twelve hundred FEC Railway list members.
Here's wishing you a safe trip, Bo.