FEC202 Nov 30, 2013

Mark waving from the near window of 101, 104 and 436 as dusk settles over the junction. Sixteen freight cars between the rock and racks.
EoT past MP216 at 5:38PM.

FEC202 Nov 30, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Nov 29, 2013

716, 702, 715LHF in the twi-light heading south to meet two trains at FOrt Pierce. Ashley riding the rear car with f.r.e.d.
EoT past MP216 at 5:51PM.

FEC101 Nov 29, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Nov 28, 2013

ECH and Conan waving to Anita from 141, 714, 713 on the Thanksgiving Afternoon train. IM, racks and freight cars on this holiday FEC202. They will meet FEC101 farther up the line.
EoT past MP216 at 4:07PM.

FEC202 Nov 28, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Nov 27, 2013

ECH and Conan waving white to Anita Caboose from 102, 711, 439LHF as they haul that good IM on Thanksgiving Eve in the dusk.
EoT past MP216 at 5:35PM.

FEC101 Nov 27, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Nov 26, 2013

717, 703, 704LHF in the dark after the meet with FEC202 at Micco.
EoT past MP216 at 6:12PM.

FEC202 Nov 26, 2013

Conan and ECH on 102 and 711 in the dusk with lights and waves to Mizz caboose as she shows them their light.
EoT past MP216 at 5:48PM.
FEC202 Nov 26, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Nov 25, 2013

Mizz Caboose joining me to watch ECH and Conan on 106, 710, 413 with racks and plenty of IM in the dusk. Love those double stacks.
EoT past MP216 at 5:49PM.

FEC101 Nov 25, 2013 vid link:

Why we call him Bo.

Why we call him Bo.
by cabooseMikey

  The railroaders he worked with, his neighbors, the school folks, the rifle range buddies, the poker gang and his own family have known him as Rob, but I have always had a hard time calling him Rob and I'll tell you why.
  One day about ten years ago, there was a message that our mutual friend David would be the engineer on the afternoon train and yes, we would go trackside to see him pass.
  After smiles and waves there was a strong-signalled radio message on my scanner - a supervisor was also watching this train pass by.
Our friend David said: "You need to go see Mr. and Mrs. Caboose!"
"Where?" was the response.
"Just drive, you'll find them", David said.
  He had been parked behind the same large pepper tree that was next to us and in a moment he drove up. There were introductions all around and he inquired if we were being safe, too.
  As quiet returned to the junction, I asked how he spelled his name because I wanted to post a message to our internet group.
"Internet?" he gasped.
"Oh yes", I replied, "These messages go all the way to headquarters."
"HEADQUARTERS?" he gasped again.  "B - O, oh, just sign it Bo - that's enough!"
  And at that moment he became known as SignalMan Bo to our now more than twelve hundred FEC Railway list members.
Here's wishing you a safe trip, Bo.


Rob 'SignalMan Bo' Bougard

Memories of SignalMan Bo on November 23, 2013.
Rob 'SignalMan Bo' Bougard vid link:

It is my sad duty to report the passing of Rob 'SignalMan Bo' Bougard. He lost his courageous
battle with cancer last night at age 58, taken from us far too soon.

He will forever be with us at the junction maintaining the signals that guard the safety of the
trains and the train crews.

Here's wishing you a safe trip, Bo.

FEC109 Nov 22, 2013

716 leading 711 on her first run in new colors, Mizz Caboose and Brylon there to see it!
Auto racks and hoppers, the first one hauling slag.
EoT past MP216 at 12:51PM.

FEC109 Nov 22, 2013 vid link:

Fellsmere RailRoad presentation

On November 20, 2013 the FECRS once again brought the ancient but hardly abandoned Fellsmere RailRoad to life through a presentation to the Sebastian Area Historical Society.

Joining cabooseMikey were Rich Votapka (as E. Nelson Fell) and Jerry Groothouse and Richard Benjamin with their fabulous traveling display cases of railroad memorabilia.

To kick off the program, Mr. Jim Henderson of Vero Beach donated a very fine Adlake kero trainman's lantern to the SAHSI for permanent display in their museum at 1235 Main Street, Sebastian. Thanks for your generosity, Jim.

Seventy-nine guests watched a 40 image slide show and then a show-and-tell style historic artifact presentation conducted by Jerry during the course of the 90 minutes.

The evening had been dedicated to the memory of long-time FEC signal supervisor Rob 'SignalMan Bo' Bougard and I am delighted that Mrs. Nancy Bougard attended as our guest-of-honor.
Best regards, cabooseMikey.

FEC101 Nov 19, 2013

Tony and ECH rolling the trains by at the meet at Micco.
103 and 715 with all IM in the twilight.
EoT past MP216 at 5:54PM.

FEC101 Nov 19, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Nov 19, 2013

Student at the throttle so ECH and Jim both are in the near window of 719, 716, 438 with the afternoon train. No freight cars, heading to Micco for the meet with FEC101.
EoT past MP216 at 5:10PM.

FEC202 Nov 19, 2013 vid link: