FEC101 Nov 13, 2013

Blue light from the cab of 702, 709, 715LHF leading that good IM past the junction.
Joined by Mizz Caboose tonight, I  held my lamp above her so they could see her in the darkness!
EoT past MP216 at 6:45PM.
cabooseMikey and Anita Caboose.

FEC101 Nov 12, 2013

704, 714, 716LHF with racks and IM.
EoT past MP216 at 5:38PM.

FEC101 Nov 12, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Nov 12, 2013

ECH and Jim on 104, 107 with the afternoon train heading to Micco for the meet with FEC101. That express box is CMHX76176 down toward the bottom.
EoT past MP216 at 4:55PM.

FEC202 Nov 12, 2013 vid link:

Manatee Central RR Nov 9 + 10, 2013

FEC920 Nov 8, 2013

FEC920 pumps his train at Gifford before scampering for home at 3:16PM.

FEC920 Nov 8, 2013 vid link:

Rob 'SignalMan Bo' Bougard RIP

It is my sad duty to report the passing of Rob 'SignalMan Bo' Bougard. He lost his courageous battle with cancer last night at age 58, taken from us far too soon.

He will forever be with us at the junction maintaining the signals that guard the safety of the trains and the train crews.

Here's wishing you a safe trip, Bo.

FEC101 Nov 7, 2013

102, 140, 716LHF with all IM.
EoT past MP216 at 5:17PM.

FEC101 Nov 7, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Nov 7, 2013

ECH and Jim heading for the meet with FEC101 at Micco and then weekend.
717, 702, 703 with rock, IM, racks and tanks. Neat train.
EoT past MP216 at 4:52PM.

FEC202 Nov 7, 2013 vid link:

FEC202 Nov 6, 2013

Don't recognize the voice on the roll-by, not sure who is up there in the dark.
101 and 716 with the evening train. Gon loads on the head end, Bet they will set out. Love the freight cars on the rear end.
EoT past MP216 at 6:51PM.

FEC101 Nov 6, 2013

ECH and Jim on 103, 720, 717LHF with all IM and an Ashley in there as dusk turns to darkness. Dispatch running time at Gifford/Bougard so they can meet FEC202 on the main. Throwing a Form T at them there, too.
EoT past MP216 at 6:18PM.

FEC920 Nov 6, 2013

FEC920 is across the Roseland Trestle with 511 leading three ballast cars, about 40 rock loads and a covered hopper on the rear end.
EoT past MP212.8 at 10:42am.

FEC920 Nov 6, 2013 vid link:

FEC109 Nov 6, 2013

FEC109 is a light engine move to FOrt Pierce. 413 is across the Roseland Trestle at 9:24am and will meet FEC920 at Gifford.
EoT past MP212.8 at 9:24am.

FEC109 Nov 6, 2013 vid link:

FEC210 Nov 6, 2013

Sonny and Conan rolling the trains by at Micco as FEC210 is led by 140 and 714 with IM, an Ashley and empty long-runners on the rear end.
EoT past MP212.8 at 9:19am.

FEC210 Nov 6, 2013 vid link:

FEC141 Nov 3, 2013

106, 140, 431LHF with 13K of IM. Plenty of Crowley on this one as they chase last night's
FEC101 toward the bridge disaster at AIRPORT.
EoT past MP214 at 9:04am EST.

FEC141 Nov 3, 2013 vid link:

Control Points BOUGARD + GIFFORD

Northbound views of Control Point BOUGARD at MP227, and Southbound view of Control Point GIFFORD at MP224.

BOUGARD northbound view vid link:

GIFFORD southbound view vid link:

FEC202 Nov 1, 2013

Ray spotting me in the darkness. 106, 702, 141 with IM, racks and tanks.
EoT past MP214 at 7:09PM.

FEC202 Nov 1, 2013 vid link:

FEC101 Nov 1, 2013

107, 704, 415LHF with a long train of IM.
EoT past MP214 at 5:46PM.

FEC101 Nov 1, 2013 vid link: